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RE: [GNATSWeb] URL length limitation in IE

From: Stuart Stevens
Subject: RE: [GNATSWeb] URL length limitation in IE
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 13:29:40 -0800


The gnatsweb interface remembers the "return_url" and it is passed back in
queries and cookies.  This normally takes over a third of the amount of
space for a cookie or a query.  This is then used to return the user to
their previous query.  After a edit, this is used to take the user back.
Often this is not where the user wants to go.  This may cause the execution
of a long query or the user just wants to see their edits.

I believe that the interface can be changed slightly to not remember the
return URL and not save it in cookies.  After an edit, the user can go to
the view interface for the GNAT that was just updated.  

Do users depend on the return_URL feature?



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To: 'Tim Buck'
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Subject: RE: [GNATSWeb] URL length limitation in IE

Hello Tim,

It can be solved by removing empty parameters from the query url. This was
done partially and inconsistently. Just follow these steps to change your

1) Add this function:
sub strip_empty_params
  my ($url) = @_;
  $url =~ s/(\w|-)+=;//g;
  return $url;

2) Change every occurence of "$q->self_url()" with
exception in: my ($query_string) = strip_empty_params($q->self_url() =~
remove eventual lines like "$query_string =~ s/(\w|-)+=;//g;" following the
changed line

3) idem with this line in sub store_query:
my $query_string = $q->query_string();

-- Alwin

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From: Tim Buck [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: mercredi, 26. janvier 2005 22:44
To: address@hidden
Subject: [GNATSWeb] URL length limitation in IE

Has anyone found a way to get around Internet Explorer's 2083
character URL length limitation in GNATSWeb? (besides not using
IE -- some of my users would revolt if I took that option away).

2083 seems like a lot, but when doing Advanced Queries the column
names and such add up very quickly!

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