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Conditional "on-change" does not work for "require-change-reason"

From: Alexander Mueller
Subject: Conditional "on-change" does not work for "require-change-reason"
Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2005 12:57:57 +0100
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I'm using gnats 4.01 and have encountered a strange problem
concerning the "on-change" section. Using a query expression
to make the execution of the actions contained in an "on-change"
section conditional works just fine, except for the "require-
change-reason" action. No matter whether the query expression
is true or false the "require-change-reason" action is always
executed, while for other actions contained in the same "on-
change" section the result of the evaluation of the query
expression is correctly taken into account.

Here's an example:

    on-change "State[type]!=\"closed\"" {

        require-change-reason     <---- always executed

        set-field "Foo" {         <---- executed if query
            "Bar"                       expression is true

I've already skimmed the relevant parts of the sources
but couldn't find any particular reason for my problem.
Any advice? Please be benignant because I'm new to
gnats ;-)


Alexander Mueller

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