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RE: restricting close PR

From: McFarland, Ken
Subject: RE: restricting close PR
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 13:18:28 -0500

Without making perl change in I don't think thing there is support for this today.   However, you could do something like this in your
dbconfig file.  It's not pretty, but would probably work....but you'll need to keep an updated list of people not allowed to close a PR in here  (not
a great solution)  I don't to this exactly, but do change other fields based on certain state changes.  I didn't try this, but tweaked mine a bit for
this example.... I think this would work for you to block say user kmcfarla from closing a PR.
field "State" {
    builtin-name "state"
    description "The current state of the PR"
    enumerated-in-file {
        path "states"
        fields { "state" "type" "description" }
        key "state"
        default "open"
    on-change {
        # Add Audit-Trail entries when this field changes.
        # Require that a reason be supplied when this field is edited.

    # Change State back to its original setting for the following users aren't allowed to Close a PR
    on-change "(oldpr:State[type]==\"open\") & (Originator==\"kmcfarla\")" {
                set-field "State" {

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Subject: restricting close PR

With gnats-web, is there a way to restrict the ability to close PRs to a certain user?


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