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Re: [PATCH] Removing gnats/man and config/*

From: Chad Walstrom
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Removing gnats/man and config/*
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 11:50:52 -0600
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Mike M. Volokhov wrote:
> I found some troubles when configuring GNATS:

DOH.  I'll break up the patch into its functional units.

I'll do the file and directory removals (config/* and gnats/man)
directly -- there really isn't a reason to post those patches since the
content removal hasn't broken anything in my testing.  I'll do this this

> This happens after moving install-sh and missing to config
> subdirectory.  I'm not autotools guru and just have added
> AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR(../config) to configure.{ac,in} of doc, gnats, and
> send-pr subdirectories to solve this problem.

Let's spend some time unifying the files into one at the
root gnats directory.  That way we won't run into this problem again.
I'll withhold the AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR change until this is complete.
Maybe it's time to commit to automake as well.

I've been reading up on the libtool stuff, which doesn't seem to have
the AUX directory configurations, it dumps everything into the root
directory.  I'll do some more digging into this.
autoconf+automake+libtool may be powerful, but it certainly has its
learning curve.

> Installation also broken. At we have:
>       INSTALL = $(srcdir)/../install-sh -c
> After configure @INSTALL_PROGRAM@ will be replaced by ${INSTALL} (at
> least on my system) and thus have incorrect path.

Shouldn't that be $(INSTALL), not ${INSTALL}?  Anyway, I'll take a look
at that, too.

> > Next, time to test Mike's patch.  If I hear no objections, I'll commit
> > the patch later tomorrow.
> Hey men, I forgot to include ansidecl.h into my latest patch! Just copy
> it from include direcory, or use a new patch (attached):
>       cp include/ansidecl.h gnats

Will do.

Chad Walstrom <address@hidden> 
           assert(expired(knowledge)); /* core dump */

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