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From: Mel Hatzis
Subject: Re: FW: MSSQL with GNATS
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005 08:42:20 -0800
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Lucille Hayward wrote:
> Hi - first timer here so apologies if I'm asking about a well known
> fact; Is it possible to operate GNATS with MSSQL  - (Boss would be happy
> to do some small customisation but doesn't have much time right now to
> do anything major)?

Not at this point. We're working towards a generalized backend datastore
for version 5.0, but this isn't available yet. Even with the generalized
backend though, support for MSSQL will not be available, just possible.

> If so, does anybody know of someone doing just that?

If you're interested in using GNATS with an Oracle backend, check out I put this together for my
employer and we've been using it for almost two years now.

Mel Hatzis

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