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Forward of moderated message

From: bug-gnats-bounces
Subject: Forward of moderated message
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 13:54:27 -0400

--- Begin Message --- Subject: Create a new ticket but no ticket was created?! Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 12:39:11 -0500
I found a bug. Suppose I have a ticket 1026 in GNATS. When I create a new ticket and refer to the number in Synopsis of the new ticket, GNATS uses 1026 for the number of the new ticket. As a result, the old ticket is left untouched (fortunately) and the new ticket is never created. I do not receive an email confirmation of the new ticket from GNATS, neither can I find the new ticket in GNATS by doing a simple query on Open tickets. Is this a new bug or, is it a side-effect of an intended feature by GNATS?
  • The GNATS version you are using: Gnatsweb v4.00, Gnats v4.0
  • the operating system, compiler and possibly other build utilities you use: Linux 

    Joseph Chen

    Office: (817) 490-5224

    E-mail: address@hidden


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