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Re: Is anyone using the Emacs interface in 4.1.0?

From: Chad Walstrom
Subject: Re: Is anyone using the Emacs interface in 4.1.0?
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 10:32:13 -0500

Chuck Alexander <address@hidden>  wrote:
> I'm almost finished upgrading our ancient Gnats 3.2 installation to
> 4.1.0. But including support for the emacs interface in 4.1.0 has
> proved to be quite a challenge. I've seen a few comments - most
> ultimately unanswered and none resembling my problems - in gnats'
> own PR db and this list, so before I ask about the problems I'm
> having I wanted to ask if anyone is using the Emacs interface to
> gnats? Or has everyone switched to GnatsWeb/TkGnats?

Personally, I use gnatsweb or edit-pr (shell) with vi.  I haven't used
emacs since '97 when my boss at my first job refused to let me compile
and install it on the DEC OSF1 development machine.  Since we would
not be able to install it on the production machine, I would have to
use the editors we found there.  I was forced to learn vi, and since
that trial-by-fire, I haven't found a reason to switch back.

I've tried emacs in viper (vi keybindings) mode, but just couldn't get
used to it.  My elisp skills are therefore non-existent.  Scheme (via
Guile and the Wizard Book) is the next language I plan on learning, so
elisp may be the next variant I should take a look at.

Here are a few BASH aliases you might find useful:

# GNATS Aliases
[ -f /usr/bin/query-pr ] && {
    # Set up environment for GNATS
    export GNATSDB

    alias my-prs="query-pr --summary --expr 'Responsible=\"chad\" & 
State!=\"closed\"'|sort -n"
    alias live-prs="query-pr --summary --expr 'State!=\"closed\" & 
State!=\"suspended\"'|sort -n"
    alias open-prs="query-pr --summary --expr 'State=\"open\"'|sort -n"
    alias pending-prs="query-pr --summary --expr 'Category=\"pending\"'|sort -n"
    alias suspended-prs="query-pr --summary --expr 'State=\"suspended\"'|sort 
    alias orphaned-prs="query-pr --summary --expr 'Responsible=\"orphaned\" & 
State!=\"closed\"'|sort -n"    
    alias unclaimed-prs="query-pr --summary --expr 'State!=\"closed\" & 
Responsible=\"gnats-admin\" | Responsible=\"unassigned\"'|sort -n"

Chad Walstrom <address@hidden> 
           assert(expired(knowledge)); /* core dump */

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