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Re: Is anyone using the Emacs interface in 4.1.0?

From: Chuck Alexander
Subject: Re: Is anyone using the Emacs interface in 4.1.0?
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 12:41:57 -0400
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Chad, Jeremy -

Thanks for the feedback. Being very accustomed to the Gnats 3.2 Emacs interface I agree it is a very powerful interface. But I also know zip about lisp, so I'm not able to look into the problems I'm seeing with Gnats 4.1. Perhaps I'll just file them as gnats PRs once I'm past the immediate hurdles.

I'm familiar and comfortable with the command-line interface too, but we're an Emacs-centric house. When asked the Emacs-vs.-web-interface question one of our developers once said "If I had to choose between gnats-via-emacs and a tool that required a web browser, I'd choose gnats seven days a week and twice on Sunday". :) This was as much a preference for gnats as emacs... thanks everyone who maintains it!

- Chuck

Jeremy Cowgar wrote:

I have used the Emacs interface with the old 3.2, but I had problems with the 4.1 and I believe my findings were that the emacs mode is falling behind in keeping up to date with the releases.

I will say that the Emacs interface *is* one of the best interfaces to Gnats around. It's integration into emacs was nothing short of awesome. I wish the author would keep up the great work. It's just too easy to make a few macros here and there to log new bugs right at your source line, or quickly mark one complete, etc...


Chad Walstrom wrote:

Chuck Alexander <address@hidden>  wrote:

I'm almost finished upgrading our ancient Gnats 3.2 installation to
4.1.0. But including support for the emacs interface in 4.1.0 has
proved to be quite a challenge. I've seen a few comments - most
ultimately unanswered and none resembling my problems - in gnats'
own PR db and this list, so before I ask about the problems I'm
having I wanted to ask if anyone is using the Emacs interface to
gnats? Or has everyone switched to GnatsWeb/TkGnats?

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