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audit-trail formatting

From: Sukh Khehra
Subject: audit-trail formatting
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2005 09:29:41 -0400

When modifying multiple fields that generate an audit-trail, I want a single
entry added to the audit train that looks something like this(dashes
included to clearly mark where one audit begins and ends):

Changed-On: $CurrentDate
Changed-By: $EditUserEmailAddr 
<field1>-changed-from-to: field1-$OldValue  --> field1-$NewValue
<field2>-changed-from-to: field2-$OldValue  --> field2-$NewValue
<field3>-changed-from-to: field3-$OldValue  --> field3-$NewValue
Reason-Changed: <value of a change-reason field that i define that is common
to all the changes made to the PR>

Is it possible to do that? Thanks for the help.

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