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Locate Gnats users on a map

From: Pankaj K Garg
Subject: Locate Gnats users on a map
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2005 10:44:33 -0700

 Wouldn't it be cool to know where all the Gnats users are in the world?

 With help from the recently released Google Maps API, we have created
a service called ZeeMap, where people can quickly create a map locating
members of their groups.

 I've taken the liberty of creating a ZeeMap called 'Gnu Gnats Users'.
This map is available at:

If you are using Gnats, please make an entry for yourself or your company
using the password 'gnats'.

 Will be nice to see after a few days where all the users are!


 Pankaj K Garg                         address@hidden
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