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[PATCH] Initial automake support (Please review)

From: Chad Walstrom
Subject: [PATCH] Initial automake support (Please review)
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 18:26:38 -0500
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Well, I hacked away on GNATS for a few hours today, trying to bring
the automake conversion under control.  I have it "mostly" working,
but I'm running into some problems with compilation still.

The following patch includes the work I've done as it compares to CVS
HEAD.  Note, I have not committed this to CVS yet.  I've dropped all
of the automatically generated files and files provided by other
utilities from the new tree.  This won't affect tarball releases, but
it will affect how you work from CVS (once it's committed).

Apply this patch, then run the following commands:

        aclocal (version 1.9 or greater)
        autoconf (version 2.59 or greater)
        automake (version 1.9 or greater)

We still require the use of bison version 1.35 for YACC.  bison 1.875a
fails because of syntax incompatibility.  To build on debian, I need
to pass the YACC variable to configure and make.

        % aclocal-1.9;autoconf;automake-1.9 --gnu
        % YACC=bison-1.35 ./configure ...
        % YACC=bison-1.35 make

My next goal, once automake integration is complete, is to look at
integrating GNU Gnulib for our compatibility issues with non-GNU

A second goal is to start using autotest to build regression tests
into our toolkit. ;-)

A third goal, perhaps one that will preceed these is to fix the open()
race condition in gen-index and other apps.  I've written simple
safe_open() and safe_fopen() wrappers, but I want to make sure I
thoroughly test them before rolling them in.



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