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Re: Gnatsweb v4.00 - Send email to interested parties

From: Edward E. Jaffe
Subject: Re: Gnatsweb v4.00 - Send email to interested parties
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 07:47:59 -0700
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Edward E. Jaffe wrote:

We just installed GNATS v4.1.0 and Gnatsweb v4.00. The only real problem we've found so far is when we try to use the "send email to interested parties" link when viewing a problem report. The imbedded URL looks similar to this:

which isn't presented as a valid link by any of the e-mail programs we use here.

I'm seeing this problem using Firefox 1.07 and Thunderbird 1.07 on my desktop.

Any ideas how this can be corrected? A "tweak" to

We ended up modifying to solve this issue. In subroutine get_mailto_link, we changed:

my $body    = $q->escape(get_viewpr_url($pr));

to simply:

my $body    = get_viewpr_url($pr);

Works great!

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