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Re: What Happened to TkGNATS?

From: Edward E. Jaffe
Subject: Re: What Happened to TkGNATS?
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 12:25:48 -0700
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Chad Walstrom wrote:

"Edward E. Jaffe" <address@hidden>  wrote:
TkGNATs looks pretty slick! Unfortunately, the most-recent version
(3.0.18) is not compatible with GNATS 4.1.0. Is anyone working on
this?  Anyone interested in working on this?

I don't know of anyone working on TkGNATS.   There's a GTK utility
being developed by some of the FreeBSD people.  There's an old version
of tkgnats in the contrib directory that is also unmaintained.  Given
that tkgnats is distributed separately, we may want to pull the
'contrib/' version out of the repository.

That is, unless you're interested in working on it. ;-)

Truthfully, I'm more interested in using/deploying it than in working on it. ;-)

Still, I've played the part of "George Bailey" more than once in my career. If we decide to stick with GNATS, I may take a serious look at working on TkGNATS if nobody else is willing to and/or if no acceptable substitute can be found. At first glance, I'm guessing most if not all of the problems are due to upward-incompatible differences in the gnatsd requests and responses from release 3.x to 4.x.

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