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Plans for 4.2?

From: Chad Walstrom
Subject: Plans for 4.2?
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 10:03:12 -0600

Now that the automake conversion is complete, it looks like we should
start thinking about what we want in a 4.2 release.  Currently, the
TODO list looks like so:

[_] 33% Release 4.2: New Features & Bug Fixes
    [_] 66% Cleanup build infrastructure w/automake and autoconf
        [X] Replace with automake
        [X] Update autoconf
        [_] Start test framework via autotest
    [_] Mail handling enhancements
        [_] Mail-based manipulation of GNATS database (Mel)
        [_] Trigger-based mail format replies (Mel)
    [_] 33% Bug Fixes
        [_] PR#484: "send-pr --request-id" sends just a template
        instead of request
        [_] PR#491: Conditional "on-change" does not work for
        [_] PR#501: Safer open/fopen for gen-index
            : Needs to be rolled in an tested
        [_] PR#502: queue-pr doesn't correctly handle \r\n for
        [X] PR#504: gnatsd crashes when trying to lock a nonexistent
        [X] PR#508: Emacs interface gnats-change-database fails when
        gnats-port isn't set

There is a patch pending for PR's 484 and 501.  If you have any other
PR's that you would like resolved before 4.2, let me know.  If you're
willing to send in patches, please do so.

I'd also like to look at rolling in the gnulib modules for things like
unsetenv, getdate, and getopt -- basically the libiberty stuff we
ripped out and readded in the gnats/. directory.

I could take another approach, if you'ld like to see 4.2 roll out
sooner than later.  Commit the patches we do have and distribute the
tarballs as is.

Mel, any word on triggers and mail-based commands enhancements?

Chad Walstrom <address@hidden> 
           assert(expired(knowledge)); /* core dump */

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