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required gnats fields

From: Jo A Wahle
Subject: required gnats fields
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 08:51:27 -0600

There are several fields which gnats requires - those marked with "builtin-name" in dbconfig, such as number, category, synopsis, etc. These fields can be renamed and redefined in our dbconfig files, which we have done quite a bit of for a project for another department to track other types of change requests or problem reports (not software bugs). In some cases, the number of fields they need is less than the number of required fields. So, this may be an obvious, "duh, no, they're required," but is there any way to circumvent those required fields? I've been writing hacks to try to keep the unused fields from showing up anywhere. All of our users go through gnatsweb, so I've written hacks in gnatsweb to keep some fields from showing up, and I'm going to rewrite the mail-format configurations not to use %P but to select just the fields I want to show up. Is there any other way? Some way to simply not use as many fields?

Jo Wahle, Software Engineer, Engineering Support, SAIC
(Science Applications International Corporation –
Contractor to U.S. Geological Survey – EROS, Sioux Falls SD 57198
(Earth Resources Observation and Science –

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