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$NewAuditTrail doesn't contain field-specific audit-trail-format data

From: Jo A Wahle
Subject: $NewAuditTrail doesn't contain field-specific audit-trail-format data
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 13:15:34 -0600

I tried to add an on-change { add-audit-trail audit-trail-format {...} } to one of my fields, and the data gets added to the audit trail, but it doesn't get sent in the e-mails. In the audit-mail mail-format, I expected $NewAuditTrail to include all audit-trail updates that were part of the current change, but it seems to contain only the global audit-trail-format data. Is this a bug or a feature?

Jo Wahle, Software Engineer, Engineering Support, SAIC
(Science Applications International Corporation –
Contractor to U.S. Geological Survey – EROS, Sioux Falls SD 57198
(Earth Resources Observation and Science –

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