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Re: How can I simplify the Audit-Trail and still keep all the values?

From: Daniel Quimper
Subject: Re: How can I simplify the Audit-Trail and still keep all the values?
Date: Wed, 03 May 2006 13:27:22 +0900
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Have you though of changing the audit-trail-format to just show the OLD value. The new value been in the PR, you don't need to have it into the audit-trail as well.

You can probably modify the email notification to display the old and new value for convenience.

My 2 cents...


Jo A Wahle wrote:

For one of the groups that I'm working for, the main field in the PR is a multitext field, which means the Audit-Trail gets quite long since it shows the old value and the new value. So I modified the audit-trail-format to just show the new value. This makes the e-mails cleaner and the Audit Trail shorter and cleaner, too.

The only problem is, I can't keep the very first values of the fields. After the first change to each field, the Audit Trail has all of the previous values, but it doesn't have the first one. I was having trouble adding to the Audit Trail (it may be related to PR # 551, I think), so I added a new field called Original-Values and I'm trying to write to that using a global on-change, but I can't save the original values. Even though I used "oldpr:<fieldname>" for all of the fields in the [fieldlist], I get the new values, not the old values.

Is there some other way I can get the Audit Trail (and the e-mails) to show just the new values of the fields, but still have the full history going back to how the PR was originally submitted?

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