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Why won't gnats assign the correct Responsible person by default?

From: Jo A Wahle
Subject: Why won't gnats assign the correct Responsible person by default?
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 12:24:14 -0500

I'm having trouble finding the cause of this problem - has anyone else run into a similar situation?

I have several gnats databases set up. For ONE of them, gnats refuses to assign the correct 'Responsible' person by default; it always assigns the PR to gnats-admin. The PRs are being assigned to the right category (not pending), but the Responsible field is always gnats-admin.

I have checked the categories file over and over, and the responsible name is correct and does exist in the responsible file. It is picking up the category names just fine, and it picks up the notify-list for each category, but it ignores the responsible person. All of the categories have the four fields.

I have checked the responsible file over and over, and the responsible person's name is there and is formatted correctly. All of the responsible people have the three fields.

I have checked the dbconfig file for anything unusual and everything looks fine.

We're using gnatsweb for all interaction with gnats, so the users can't be submitting some strange value.

Once the PR is submitted, I can go into gnatsweb and change the Responsible person to the name that was supposed to have been the default. It takes that just fine.

I wrote a hack into my gnatsweb-site file that will print out the configuration info for a category from %category_desc, %category_resp, and %category_notify, and it shows the Responsible person being the correct person.

Any thoughts? What else can I look for? All my other gnats databases work fine.


Jo Wahle, Software Engineer, Engineering Support, SAIC
(Science Applications International Corporation –
Contractor to U.S. Geological Survey – EROS, Sioux Falls SD 57198
(Earth Resources Observation and Science –

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