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gnats(web) occasionally submits duplicate PRs

From: Jo A Wahle
Subject: gnats(web) occasionally submits duplicate PRs
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 09:05:32 -0500

My users have reported at least three cases where a PR was submitted twice. I've captured details about two cases - in one case, the duplicate's Arrival-Date is more than 5 minutes after the original, and in one case the duplicate's Arrival-Date is one second later. We're using gnats 4.1 and gnatsweb 4.00 plus some local enhancements. The users are certain they did not submit the same information twice, and they didn't use the Back button and submit the same data again. Each case involved different users and different categories. I don't know whether to blame gnatsweb or gnats, and I'm not sure how to start to investigate this, since I can't re-create the problem. Any ideas?

Jo Wahle, Software Engineer, Engineering Support, SAIC
(Science Applications International Corporation –
Contractor to U.S. Geological Survey – EROS, Sioux Falls SD 57198
(Earth Resources Observation and Science –

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