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Fw: gnats(web) occasionally submits duplicate PRs

From: Jo A Wahle
Subject: Fw: gnats(web) occasionally submits duplicate PRs
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 09:38:28 -0500

Oh,... I do see something similar now in the gnats bugs database at in #507. One of my users did say that he submitted another PR by using the Create menu bar while the confirmation page was still open, and then the first PR was submitted again later, which seems to be the situation described in #507. I am able to re-create the problem using the steps in that PR, I think. If so, that would point to a gnatsweb problem. I'm not totally convinced, though, because of the case where a duplicate was submitted less than a second later, with no PR being submitted in-between. I am not able to re-create that problem. But I'll look at the gnatsweb code and see if I can find a problem with the return_url.

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address@hidden wrote on 08/16/2006 09:14:13 AM:

> On 8/16/06, Jo A Wahle <address@hidden> wrote:
> >
> > My users have reported at least three cases where a PR was submitted twice.
> > I've captured details about two cases - in one case, the duplicate's
> > Arrival-Date is more than 5 minutes after the original, and in one case the
> > duplicate's Arrival-Date is one second later. We're using gnats 4.1 and
> > gnatsweb 4.00 plus some local enhancements. The users are certain they did
> > not submit the same information twice, and they didn't use the Back button
> > and submit the same data again. Each case involved different users and
> > different categories. I don't know whether to blame gnatsweb or gnats, and
> > I'm not sure how to start to investigate this, since I can't re-create the
> > problem. Any ideas?
> No ideas, but we have seen similar things here twice in
> the six months or so we've been using gnats.  Once it was
> exactly as you describe: the second PR showed up
> spontaneously about five minutes after the first.
> The other one was a little different and may be completely
> unrelated, but I'll describe it just in case it might be the
> same bug and might shed some light on the mechanism.
> The user in this case submitted the PR and was notified
> that the database was locked; he then went back to the
> entry form and submitted again, but both PRs ended up
> in the database.
> Again, these were two separate users.
> Any insight would be welcome.
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