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Gnatsweb without root access

From: Robert Inder
Subject: Gnatsweb without root access
Date: 22 Nov 2006 18:21:09 +0000
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I'm trying to port gnats/gnatsweb on to a managed server --
i.e. one on which I have no root access.

The gnats DB is only accessed via the web, so I thought of it
as just a web application --- that gnatsweb was just
calling the various gnats commands like query-pr.


When I came to install gnatsweb on the new server, I noticed that it
seems to need to have gnatsd running from inetd.  And I don't have
access to inetd.

I've noticed a couple of questions about inetd on the help-gnats
archive, but nobody giving a definitive answer.

So: is there a known/standard way round this?  An argument to gnatsd to 
make it listen on the port by itself?  Some kind of utility to fire it

Oh, and if not, can someone amend the Gnats/Gnatsweb documentation so
as to make the need for root privileges more obvious!! 


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