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Re: Map a 'responsible' name to multiple addresses?

From: Jo A Wahle
Subject: Re: Map a 'responsible' name to multiple addresses?
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 11:45:42 -0600

That was it - I had both Responsible and Category[person] in my mail-format in dbconfig. Thanks!

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Chad Walstrom <address@hidden>

12/20/2006 10:52 PM

Jo A Wahle <address@hidden>
Re: Map a 'responsible' name to multiple addresses?

Jo, I would look in the mail-format for your "audit-mail" and the
section "to-addresses" has a list of people to add to the "To:" field
of the email. Make sure the emails aren't being duplicated between
Responsible and $OldResponsible or Category[notify]... etc.  Fool
around with that section a bit and see what type of output you get in
the "To:" field.

Chad Walstrom <address@hidden> 
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