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Re: Newbie needs help

From: Duane Winner
Subject: Re: Newbie needs help
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2007 07:54:57 -0500
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Thanks all for your help w/ the broken URLS. It seems like my main
problem was straying from a standard /cgi-bin/ ScriptAlias; when I
reinstalled the gnats port and redid Apache to just use /cgi-bin/
instead my goofy /gnatsbin/, all is well.

But now for something compeletely different.....

I'm hoping I didn't get too far into giving gnats my blessing for
production implementation without fully understanding the privileges

Here is what our site needs:

1) Our development team needs to be able to submit, query, edit and
manage gnats.

2) We want users (i.e. clients) to be able to log on and submit ONLY --
not see the progress of the tracking, other PR's, etc.

It seems I may have foolishly assumed without testing first that between
gnatsd.user_access and the submitters file that we could accomplish
this. But now that I'm trying to set this up, it appears that nobody can
log on unless they have an entry in gnatsd.user_access. However, I see
no way of limiting them to submit only in there. And now I'm finding
that the submitters file does not mean "submitters" as in "a user who
can submit."

Anybody using gnats in a similar fashion or know of a way to accomplish
these requirements?


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