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Webinterfaces for GNATS

From: Frank Lichtenheld
Subject: Webinterfaces for GNATS
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 15:15:40 +0100
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We're currently trying to set up GNATS as our Bug Tracking System.
Now we have the problem that none of the web interfaces we've tested
(mainly gnatsweb and the freebsd CGI scripts) fulfills our requirements
exactly. So we're currently looking into developing a solution,
probably based on gnatsweb.

The purpose of this email is
First: to ask whether we might have simply overlooked a more viable
solution? Recommendations welcome.
Second: to ask whether anyone else is interested in working on
developing such a solution if it doesn't already exist?

Our requirements to a BTS web interface are:
 - Optional login, i.e. easily accessible to guests and search engines
   but with the possibility to have confidential bug reports e.g. for
   paying customers and to have different access levels for admins.
   All the BSD CGI scripts don't seem to have any login support.
   Gnatsweb has it, but it doesn't seem to be easily possible to
   make it optional.
 - Support for several databases with different settings. Gnatsweb
   already seems to support that.
 - Customizable page layout. Gnatsweb has some support for that but
   it is somewhat rudimentary and once you try something only a little
   more involved you're directly in the code. So a stricter segregation
   of layout and code would be good.
 - Flexible processing of fields like Audit-Trail. The FreeBSD scripts
   have code to extract single emails and patches from fields. This is
   a very nifty feature, the code for that is a mess though and IMHO
   neither easily maintainable nor extensible.

So in summary we really search a Gnatsweb that is less monolithic and with
a improved session handling.

Frank Lichtenheld <address@hidden>

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