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Re: Unparseable reply from gnatsd

From: Chad Walstrom
Subject: Re: Unparseable reply from gnatsd
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2019 19:56:44 -0600
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Vinod Kumar Pandey -X (vinodpan - TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LIMITED atCisco) 
<address@hidden> writes:
> However, When I am trying to create a new PR while submitting on the
> web page I get an Error “Unparseable replay from gnatsd”.

Are you able to create tickets from the command-line tools? See if you
can get a working environment set up with that first. I don't recall the
Apache logs being all that helpful.

> I am new to gnats and don’t know how I can debug the issue. If any one
> has any ideas or a better way to trace down the problem please help
> me.

You can turn up the debugging level in gnatsweb, though I haven't look
at that project in quite some time. You didn't mention which version of
gnatsweb you were trying to use. The last one found in the Savannah
download area was 4.00 from 2003. Richard Elberger posted in 2014 that
he planned on rewriting Gnatsweb and had moved his development to

He performed some clean-up on the package, but I do not see any
significant changes to the software at this point.

Personally, I haven't looked at GNATS much beyond the last release, and
there were a couple of point fixes made, I feel, in the repository that
didn't make it to a release tarball. I made some local effort to migrate
the commit history from CVS to git using sturgeon, but I didn't get to a
point where I felt it was ready to share.

Chad Walstrom <address@hidden>

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