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Re: [Help-gnu-arch] Checking In...

From: Tom Lord
Subject: Re: [Help-gnu-arch] Checking In...
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 09:12:57 -0700 (PDT)

    > From: Paul Snively <address@hidden>

    > I'm using tla 1.0.6 relatively happily, and I do frequently follow the 
    > archives for gnu-arch-users. One issue I do have with tla 1.0.6 is that 
    > the interpretation of spaces in filenames leading to evaluating the 
    > file or directory as "Unknown" appears not to derive from a regexp, but 
    > rather is hard-coded. On non-UNIX platforms, source files and 
    > directories commonly have spaces in their names.

"unrecognized", actually.   If this is something you'd like to work
on, you should bring it up on gnu-arch-users.   Have a look through
the archives -- the idea has been discussed before and the issues that
need to be addressed by a patch have been described.

    > "Alternative network configuration mechanisms," again, isn't the piece 
    > of ZeroConf that I'm discussing. <> is. And I 
    > mentioned a use-case that I think is quite reasonable: a bunch of 
    > hackers walk into a conference hall with their 802.11[whatever] 
    > laptops. If they had ZeroConf and an appropriately-extended arch, they 
    > could immediately do "tla archives" and see all the archives in the 
    > hall. It's a small thing, perhaps. On the other hand, it sure beats 
    > going around to N thousand attendees and saying "Do you have an 
    > archive? What's your IP address?"

You should ask on gnu-arch-users if a more experienced arch hacker is
interested in helping you with this or in trying to figure out a
meaningful approach to HFS support.


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