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[Help-gnu-arch] Converting from Subversion to Arch

From: Daniel Hedge
Subject: [Help-gnu-arch] Converting from Subversion to Arch
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 18:58:51 -0800

Hello i am asking for general information on the possibility of
switching from subversion to arch. The main thing i need to know is if
arch is capable of replicating our present mode of operation. We are
using a very non standard setup where  the purpose for the revision
contol system is managing configuration filesas well as various other
files. Manipulating subversion we have created an enviroment where
essentially root on all of our servers acts as a  working repository
for a centrillized repository on a seperate dedicated server. The
reason for this being the need to minimalize copies of configuration
files for secuity and conisitency as well as the ease of use in
modifying files. So my question is this. Is it possible to do this
with arch? Or to in essence replicate this in functionality
maintaining only two points of vulnerability where configuration files
and other sensitive files can possibly be accessed. 1. the
configuration file on the server itself and 2. the archived copy in
the main repository.

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