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[Help-gnu-arch] Please help to create a sunny future for my children.

From: Dumitru Starciuc
Subject: [Help-gnu-arch] Please help to create a sunny future for my children.
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 05:28:27 -0500

Please Donate
"Please help to create a sunny future for my children."

Hello my name is Dumitru Starciuc. My reason for this page is as follows: 
Like many parents I want to give only the best to my children and my wife but then you discover that in doing that you put yourself in financial difficulty. Not by being extravagant but by daily living costs. My wife was retrenched 12 years ago and I never in my live thought that I would become such a responsible person. Doing the finances and thinking of everything. In the process we lost our home and now live with my mother. My wife and I out of desperation are now busy trying to start a project. We have the project financing but still need funds to release the financing. I'm curently working in another country trying to get some money, i'm not home and i'm trying to make some money to help my children to go to the university, but i don't have enoght money for daily living, I need only 800 euros for 1 year to pay their studies. Please help me by making a donation , i'm asking for your help, help me by giving 1 euro or as much as you can.

I have used all my resources. I’m deep in debt and am really desperate for help. Some people promise to help but that’s where it stays just promises. We are even willing to sell our home and move in a smaller house just to let our children go to university.This is our dream and to realize it we need your help. Please I want my children to have a future in this beautiful country of ours by building it ourselves. 

Any help in the form of donations or otherwise will be appreciated.
May GOD Bless you. Thank you for your time and if you are willing to help. A double thank you 
All correspondence can be send to: Mrs. Dumitru Starciuc,

All correspondence will be personally answered

To donate please Click Here  or send thru paypal to address@hidden as much as you can. God Bless You
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