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[Help-gnu-emacs] Emacs config with .Xdefaults

From: John Barnett
Subject: [Help-gnu-emacs] Emacs config with .Xdefaults
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 17:53:56 -0400

I apparent have done a dumb thing and perhaps you can help with this one.
 I didn't like the small font that emacs defaulted to - it was too small.  So I 
thought that I
 would, using a book on Emacs to tell me how, change the default setting for 
the font
 to something  larger using the .Xdefaults file - just like the book said I 
could.  I also
 thought, "the worst that can happen is that I need to change it back to the 
 settings."  However, to my horror, when I changed the .Xdefaults file as 
described in
 the book and web site, I keep getting an error message "No fonts match `-fixed 
" or
 what ever I put in there - even if I restore it to the original script.  I 
used xrdb to get the
 program to recognize the changes in the .Xdefaults file, as described in a 
book.  Any
 idea how to correct this - I've looked at all the websites and FAQ sites I can 
find and
 nothing works.  Thanks - John

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