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Re: Java / Perl Syntax Hightlighting when using a shell??

From: Kalyan K. Mukherjea
Subject: Re: Java / Perl Syntax Hightlighting when using a shell??
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 10:51:08 +0530 (IST)

Thanks Popik,
        I have a ps-file on xypic on my home machine; but reading ps files
(black text against a white background) is very difficult for my
cataract-afflicted eye. So your .dvi file is very useful: I read it using
xdvi -rv (reverse video) that's fine.
        On Tuesday there was a get-together in the dept. and I stayed back
till 6pm to attend. Partha is here now. His supervisor (Kalyan Sinha) is
now in Calcutta as the new Director. He (Partha) is working on
non-commuatative differential geometry i.e. operator algebras. He was
asking about you. I regret to say I couldn't quite remember your advisor's
name: Klotzman is it? Yesterday was Mahalaya and there was a huge surprise
for us: Ananya called to wish us a Happy Pujas. I guess  she was feeling
bit homesick.

Have you started/finished writing up your thesis?
Siddhu what are you up to these days? What happenned to your joint paper
with Funar. And that paper concerning which you were talking with
Friedman? What on earth is he doing at Big Bad Bill's company?
I better start working now.
Good luck and ciao.
Kalyan da/ KKM

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