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How do I change a font color in Perl mode?

From: Todd Wells
Subject: How do I change a font color in Perl mode?
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 19:21:38 -0700

I have the perl font lock mode enabled with syntax highlighting.  I need to
change at least one of the colors--- it uses a light yellow font for
variables by default and it's very difficult for me to see against the white
background.  On my windows box the default colors are fine, but when I built
emacs on my linux box, the defaults aren't ideal.

I looked through the FAQ and online manual (for a good 20 minutes, much too
long), but couldn't find what I was looking for--the only stuff I found
about font lock colors didn't seem to say how to change them (or if it did,
I didn't understand it).  I love Emacs so far, but the learning curve is so
steep... and because it's so powerful it makes it difficult to locate info
on how to do some things that should be simple.

Thanks for any help you can provide.  I'd also like to make this change
permanent if possible (if there's something I can put in my .emacs or

I'm running 20.5(.7?) on Linux.

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