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RE: Re installing on UnixWare

From: Ivan Krsul
Subject: RE: Re installing on UnixWare
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 17:12:28 -0400

Thanks!  That solved my problem.  I am grateful for the assistance, as I was
starting to learn vi (yuck!) to use the OS.

Ivan Krsul
Director PRISMA
Aduana Nacional de Bolivia
Email:  o
Teléfono: (591-2) 332820   o  332811

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From: []  On
Behalf Of Douglas Lewan
Sent:   Thursday, October 05, 2000 12:35 PM
Subject:        Re installing on UnixWare

Ivan Krsul wrote:
> Greetings,
> I am still trying to install emacs on Unixware 7.0.1 but the installation
> program refuses to configure emacs with the default mode (I get the error
> message "configure: error: Emacs hasn't been ported to
> `i686-UnixWare7.0.1-sysv5' systems").  However, I have seen other Unixware
> systems with emacs installed, so it has to be possible.
> Does anyone know how to install or configure emacs (I am trying  version
> 20-4) on intel-based Unixware 7.0.1 systems?

Once upon a time I too tried with great difficulty
to configure and compile emacs on UnixWare.  That
was probably 4 or so years ago, but it doesn't surprise
me that it's still a problem.

I can't give any direct advice on configuring or
compiling.  However, I recommend you look at the SCO
SkunkWorks site for lots of good stuff like emacs,
all prebuilt:

It's not as much fun, but I hope it helps.  If it does,
then please let the mailing list know.

Douglas Lewan
EcoNovo Software
201 567 1500 x121

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