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FW: Upgrading operating system.

From: Fruciano, Joseph
Subject: FW: Upgrading operating system.
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 07:45:20 -0400

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To: Fruciano, Joseph
Subject: Re: Upgrading operating system.

Fruciano, Joseph wrote:
> Sirs,
> I know you do not take technical questions.  Can you direct me (this
> to someone who does if possible.
> I am an engineer at General Dynamics working with GNU products.  
> Presently we are using GNU Emacs v20.2.1 and GNU Perl v5.003  My questions
> are as follows:

 You should send this question to the GNU Emacs users' mailing list:  This is gated to the news group  You can subscribe to the mailing list by sending the
word "subscribe" to the address

You can find a complete list of our mailing lists and newsgroups on
our web site at

Good luck and happy hacking!
1.  We are currently running HP OS v10.20 but will shortly upgrade to HP OS
v11.00.  Will GNU Emacs and GNU Perl be supported by HP OS v11.00

2.  Is GNU Emacs v20.2.1 and GNU Perl v5.003  the latest version available.
If not, what is the latest version and will that version run in HP OS v10.20
and/or HP OS v11.00

Is this information posted anywhere on the internet.

Thanks you 

Joseph Fruciano
1-508-880-2332 (Taunton)
1-781-455-5302 (Needham)

Bradley M. Kuhn
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