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Real unibyte files

From: Eduardo Nahum Ochs
Subject: Real unibyte files
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 18:15:49 -0200

Hi! I need help to "modernize" some of my files to make them
compatible with GNU Emacs20 (20.7.2, to be precise) -- at this moment
they work only if I force Emacs in unibyte mode explicitly in one way
or another...

So: is there some variable that can be set in the "Local Variables:"
section of a file that will force Emacs to load that file in a "real"
unibyte mode? I've found that by using

  # Local Variables:
  # coding: "raw-text"
  # End:


  # Local Variables:
  # coding: "no-conversion"
  # End:

the encoding gets right but some characters (174 and 175, for example)
are regarded by Emacs as chars 2048+174 and 2048+175, and this breaks
some of my hacks...

  TIA and cheers,

    Eduardo Ochs

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