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Re: Fatal Error: cannot map

From: Need Help
Subject: Re: Fatal Error: cannot map
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 14:00:59 -0800 (PST)

I went ahead and linked /usr/shlib/ to
> /usr/shlib/
This did not help. same problem.

For those reading this for the first time, error
message is:3443:./temacs: /sbin/loader: Fatal Error:
cannot map
*** Exit 1
*** Exit 1
Hey Charles, I guess at this point I would mind if you
would give it to me in a tar format. then all I will
have to do is make install, and hope that does not die

(Don't forget to CC me, since I am not a member of
emacs mailing froup)

System name, from uname -a:

OSF1 V4.0 1229 alpha

Just downloaded a fresh copy of emacs-20.7 from

I am getting the very same error with ver. 20.7
In the GNU Emacs Installation Guide, Building and
installation #1) 
Make sure you system has enough swapping space
allocated to handle a program whose pure code is 900k
bytes and whose data area is at least 400k and can
reach 8Mb or more. If the swapping space is
insufficient, you will get an error in the command
`temacs -batch -l loadup dump', found in
`./src/', or possibly when running the
final dumped Emacs.

My swapon -s info is": 
Total swap allocation:
Allocated space : 263445 pages  (2058MB)
In-use space:      17664 pages  (    6%)
Available space:  245781 pages  (   93%)

And lots of disk space.

--- Charles Sebold <> wrote:
> On 5 Heshvan 5761, Need Help wrote:
> >   Where should the build process find the source
> code?
> >    /usr0/users/mollel/emacs/emacs-20.7
> >   What operating system and machine description
> files
> > should Emacs use?
> >         `s/osf1.h' and `m/alpha.h'
> >   What compiler should emacs be built with?       
> >    gcc  -g -O 
> >   Should Emacs use the GNU version of malloc?     
> >    yes
> >   Should Emacs use the relocating allocator for
> > buffers?  yes
> >   What window system should Emacs use?            
> >    x11
> >   What toolkit should Emacs use?                  
> >    LUCID
> >   Where do we find X Windows header files?        
> >    /usr/include
> >   Where do we find X Windows libraries?           
> >    /usr/shlib
> Close enough to mine, certainly.  Hm.  Do you have
> Xaw3D installed on
> your machine?  I don't, and mine said nothing about
> Xaw3D.  You might
> try linking that /usr/shlib/ to
> /usr/shlib/ and see
> what happens.  I wouldn't think that would work, but
> of course one never
> knows.
> I could tar the copy I just compiled and put it up
> somewhere for you to
> download, too, if you like.  Not that that's usually
> a good idea (from
> your perspective, I mean).
> -- 
> Charles Sebold
> --
> 5th of Heshvan, 5761
> --
>       Horses are forbidden to eat fire hydrants in
> Marshalltown, Iowa.

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