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RE: Highlighting problem

From: Pirot, Thierry
Subject: RE: Highlighting problem
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 01:27:33 -0600

My two cents: What happens if you try a

        M-x font-lock-fontify-buffer

-----Original Message-----
From: Nilesh N. Dalvi []
Sent: Sunday, 12 November, 2000 18:00
Subject: Re: Highlighting problem

Hi Gurucharan, 

> > Whenever I am writing a C code, and I comment multiple lines using
> > /* ... */, only the first and the last line gets highlighted, all
> > the lines in the middle are not refreshed...
> > Is there some setting which can solve this problem...
> Is this in emacs ??
> Are you using a windows machine ?
> I have also done some C programming using  the emacs editor, but there
> were no
> problems.

I use emacs on linux platform.. What emacs seems to be doing is that
it doesn't apply syntax highlighting to all the lines commented. It
changes the color of a line only when I change something in that line.
Note that problem occurs when I have already written a code and then
comment it.


Nilesh N. Dalvi
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