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Re: Color in text console

From: Harold W. Baldwin
Subject: Re: Color in text console
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 16:15:17 -0600 (CST)

Chive (et. al.) - 

I too would like GNU Emacs to do color in a text console.  In fact it would
also be nice if one could change the size and shape of the cursor. 
However, until color appears (hopefully) in the next major version of
Emacs, here are some options and suggestions: 

1.  Emacs on DOS will do color.  The trick is to set TERM=internal in the 
environment.  For information on DOS Emacs, see:

2.  Presumably DOS Emacs on Dosemu will likewise do color, although I
haven't tried it.  I suppose you'd have to set TERM as above and it might
be helpful to use some of the Dosemu switches (see  man dos).  Also take a
look at DEXE which comes with Dosemu.  As I understand it, it gives a kind
of "one shot" Dos emulation to permit running a single program. 

3.  Look at  setterm  (for info do  setterm -h).  It won't really do what 
you want but it will enable the setting of the background and foreground 
colors as well as some other things, so the screen won't be quite so stark.

4.  You might also look at under download/emacs contrib. 
There seem to be some programs in some of the directories which might be 
helpful, although a quick look at them suggests they're for emacs on X.

                              Wes Baldwin

On Sun, 29 Oct 2000, David Porter wrote:

> * Chive <>:
> > I'm using emacs 20.7 on FreeBSD-stable. I would like to get font-lock mode
> > working. It does work under X, but not in a text console.
> GNU Emacs doesn't have syntax highlighting in console mode. XEmacs does. I
> believe that GNU Emacs will when the next major version is released.

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