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Get remote files from eshell

From: Rafael Sepúlveda
Subject: Get remote files from eshell
Date: 20 Nov 2000 15:26:17 -0600
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I want to get remote files using eshell. When I load into a remote
site and try to get a file, it tries to use 'rsh' to execute the
command. When I do an 'ls' or a 'cd' or a 'mv' it works fine, but not 
with 'cp'.

I was wondering if I need to configure eshell to pass a 'get' to the
ftp process when I do a 'cp' or if the problem is with ange-ftp?

Rafael Sepúlveda <>

1024D/1981FDE7 F13B C41C 739B 7233 F738  D68E 2947 D868 1981 FDE7

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