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A couple of EMACS questions

From: DMeyer1275
Subject: A couple of EMACS questions
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 00:15:21 EST


I used to work with Lisp Machines, and certainly loved ZMACS.  I'm now 
working in a SCO Unix environment where we have our own language and database 
engine to develop and deliver our product.  We recently loaded up EMACS ... 
version 20.2 I believe.  I have read the FAQ's and doc ... but haven't 
figured out a couple of things.

1) The keyboard mapping is odd.  It appears that some of the function type 
keys are bound to the same keycode.  For example, the HOME key is interpreted 
as F4, the END key as F5, etc.   I would like to have each function key 
individually available so I can bind them independently.  My experimenting 
with translate-key and global-key-binding hasn't gotten me there.  Where do I 
find the list of defined lisp characters for these keys?  Are the Control and 
Meta/Esc prefixes available for these keys?

2) When printing from EMACS, it prints one line too long ... overruns each 
page.  Is the solution to this in setting lpr-switches "-oheading=59" or 
something to this effect?

3) I turned on the Transient-Mark-Mode ... and changed the customize faces 
for regions to reverse-video.  This didn't result in visibility for the 
region.  Reverse-video works for the mode-line.  What else needs to be done?

4) I would like to write a major mode for our language.  If I had to describe 
it, it is "basic" in nature with about 50 primitives and system calls.  At a 
minimum, I'd like for EMACS to be able to do completion on the system names.  
I'll add on other capabilities as time permits.  Is there a good model to 
look at or other doc to help me do that?

5) When starting up the shell inside EMACS, there are some control characters 
before and after the prompt string for bolding, etc that EMACS doesn't 
interpret.  How do I get get emacs to process those just like the Korn shell? 
 I also noticed that it didn't seem to pick up some of the aliases defined in 
my .profile.  

6) We're running a "thin" Lenix workstation that boots up from a SCO Unix 
server.  I'm trying to turn of the flow control stuff so I can get C-s and 
C-q back.  i don't want to remap those keys.  Using stty -ixoff turn it off 
on the SCO Unix server, but it appears that Lenix also has it turned on 
underneath.  Any ideas on how I can get a stty -ixoff to pass thru to the 
underlying Lenix?

7) What book do you recommend that goes into alot of the configuration info 
I'm asking about, as well making full use of EMACS?

Thanks for any help you can provide.  

Dane Meyer
Advantage Software

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