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help request on emacs 20.6 installation problems

From: lacamera
Subject: help request on emacs 20.6 installation problems
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 11:52:23 -0800

----- Forwarded by Richard J LaCamera/WRD/USGS/DOI on 11/29/00 11:51 AM
                    Richard J                                                   
                    LaCamera             To:             
                                         cc:     Richard J 
                    11/29/00             Subject:     help request on emacs 
20.6 installation problems                                  
                    11:47 AM                                                    


I recently acquired a pc running an NT Workstation 4.0 os (I previously
used Win95 and emacs v 20.3).

I downloaded emacs-20.6-bin-i1386.tar.gz from your ftp site, but can't
extract any files because I get an "access denied" error from McAfee
VirusScan v4.5.0 (it says the file is infected and cannot be cleaned). I'm
aware that this notification is an artifact of emacs (as per your web site)
and not of concern, but WinZip v8.0 can't extract the setup.exe file I
think I need because of the supposed virus either (I renamed the file to
_tar.gz, unzipped it, renamed the file to .tar, unzipped that, and got no
files or subdirectories.. after cycling through access denied messages..
except a readme file. I plan on using another user's .emacs file who uses

I prefer to extract files using WinZip to avoid what seems to be the
multi-step DOS process outlined on your site (to avoid complications with
tape-backup software/devices). Am I doing something wrong? I couldn't
locate any multiple-zipped files for downloading or what seemed to be a
reliable onestep untarring/unzipping process for windows on your site (such
as djtarnt.exe). Does djtarnt.exe incorporate tar 1.11.2a and is it tested?
If so, can I put the downloaded tar.gz file, djtrarnt, and
subdirectories/files created using djtarnt in a directory of my choice,
specify an alternate location from which emacs is to be installed/run
during setup, and subsequently delete files in the initial location?

Do I sound confused? Help!  I can be reached at you have
a phone # I can use if I run into problems?

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