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Re: [Q]VC mode

From: Brenda J. Butler
Subject: Re: [Q]VC mode
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2001 23:18:04 -0500
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At work, I'm trying to use vm to read and send mail.
I can read mail, and send it.  However, when the message
is sent, there is no Subject: line.  There is only a Date:
and a To: line.  The Subject: line is in the body of the
message, and the Subject: prefix is replaced by ~s.

What's going wrong?  It is nothing to do with vm, vm
has no variables that deal with the order or format
of the headers that I could see.

The only appropriate variable in all of emacs (see the
way I figured this out, below[*]) was mail-default-headers,
and that was nil when the above was happening.  But
setting mail-default-headers to contain To:  From:  and
Subject (each with a \n on the end) resulted in those
lines appearing in the body of the message, and some
of them duplicated (such as Subject).  The first subject
line prefix was still replaced with ~s.

[*] C-h v space, to get a list of all the variables
defined in this session of emacs, then search through it
for all vars with "mail" in them, or prefixed with "vm-".

Any help on this would be appreciated.

By the way, calling /bin/mail like this resulted in a normal
looking message:

mail -s "a subject line" return return

So there is something in emacs doing something funny with
the subject and other headers.  But how to fix it?

Oops I suppose I have to tell you the version of vm and
emacs that I'm using - but now I'm at home.  Well, I was using
gnu emacs, and a fairly recent version of vm (I downloaded vm
in December).  If necessary, I can post this info later.


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