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bug? eval-after-load doesn't eval FORM if FILE was preloaded

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug? eval-after-load doesn't eval FORM if FILE was preloaded
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 13:30:27 -0800

Could someone please confirm or deny that this is a bug, perhaps with an

`eval-after-load' is supposed to eval its FORM arg immediately, if the
FILE has already been loaded. To check this, it does (assoc file
load-history). However, in a freshly started emacs session, certain
libraries have already been loaded, and therefore appear in the
`features' variable, but they have not yet been added to `load-history'
(why?). An example is the vc-hooks library. This means that the
following does not eval foobar, contradicting eval-after-load's
documentation: (eval-after-load "vc-hooks" (quote foobar)).

If this is a bug, it would seem that a (temporary) fix would be to
replace, in the definition of eval-after-load, (assoc file load-history)
by (or (assoc file load-history) (memq (intern file) features)), or some

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