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Re: VM and subject lines (was: Re: [Q]VC mode)

From: Brenda J. Butler
Subject: Re: VM and subject lines (was: Re: [Q]VC mode)
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 00:36:23 -0500
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Kai suggested:

> Hm.  Idea: you could put the header "Fcc: /tmp/bla" into a test
> message, then VM will write a copy of the outgoing message into the
> file /tmp/bla.  Have a close look at the file.  If that file looks
> okay, but the email itself is b0rken, then your MTA (sendmail,
> postfix, qmail, ...) must be hosing the message.

Ok, I tried this and the message looks normal in the FCC

However, sending messages using the command-line /bin/mail utility
and the -s switch for the subject results in normal messages too.

I guess maybe the interface between emacs and the mailer is
messed up - perhaps my emacs variables are not set correctly?
What variables should I be looking for?  AFAICS, it is not
vm itself that hands off messages to the MTA but some pre-existing
mailing capability in emacs, and I don't know all those variables.
What lisp library should I look in?  Hmm, I see two functions
in my emacs (gnu, 20.5.1):


The C-h v page says each comes from the "sendmail-fix"
library, which I take to be the sendmail-fix.el or sendmail-fix.elc
file, but I don't see such a file in the /usr/share/emacs directory
(where the lisp files are).  There is a sendmail.el library.

My tags file does not exist - I may or may not be able to get
the sysadmin to make one.  Hmm, can I create a tags file that
exists in my account, but references files in /usr/share/emacs?

How can I tell which MTA my emacs is currently using?  I suppose
I should try sending mail with each one and see what happens.
exit vm
call send-mail-using-mail
re-invoke vm and send message

results in a message like this after being received:
Subject:                            <- empty
Date: (looks normal)
From:  (looks normal)
To:  (looks normal)
                                    <- end hdrs/beg.body
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
Message-ID:  (looks normal)
Date:  (looks normal)
~s test #16 "send-mail-using-mail"  <- my subject
Reply-To: (looks normal)

Try sending a mail after exiting vm, calling
send-mail-using-mail, and re-invoking vm.

sig file

exit vm again
call send-mail-using-sendmail
re-invoke vm again and send a message

results in a message like this after being received:
woo-hooo!!!  A normal-looking message!

What are the implications of using sendmail instead of mail?
Will this give me problems when I start using bbdb?

Funny that sending mail using "/bin/mail" on the command line
resulted in a normal message but sending it from vm using mail
resulted in a headers-screwed-up message.

Could someone comment?  I'd like to fix my installation
if it's broken (besides just switching to sendmail).

Thanks for your help so far, and TIA for any future help.


Hmm, found feedmail.  Will look at it.
Anyone care to say anything about the history of the various
mail programs in emacs, to shed some light for us newbies?

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