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Re: Displaying tabs

From: Timothy M. Schaeffer
Subject: Re: Displaying tabs
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 13:19:51 -0500

Thanks for your response.
|I think Tim is looking for a way to make TAB always display n-spaces.
|Doesn't tab-to-tab-stop simply go to the next tab stop?  Example:
|Tab goes to column 8 (the next tab-stop).
|What would be nice is if <TAB> went to column 12 (tab-width of 8 + the 4
|characters 'abcd').  Likewise, if you typed
|it would be nice if <TAB> moved to column 15, rather than the column 8 it
|does with the tab-to-tab-stop.
Yes!  Someone understands me |)

I have modified the cc-mode code to indent my code this way (I have changed
the indentation engine to indent more generally).  CC-Mode *already* indents
my code this way automatically, with tabs in the right places.  I just want
them DISPLAYed as the same width no matter which column they start in.  IOW,
It isn't a problem persistently,
that Emacs behaves so resistantly.
I get tabs and spaces
in all the right places,
but I want them DISPLAYed consistently.

|Once upon a time, I looked for an easy solution to this, but couldn't find
|anything.  Any help would be great!

I knew it was a long shot when I asked.  I'll probably look at making the
changes myself to my copy of the source when/if I get time.  It is a minor
feature, but it would be nice to have it.

Tim S.

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