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Emacs broken: Win2k telnet -> linux

From: Mark Newby
Subject: Emacs broken: Win2k telnet -> linux
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 19:53:31 -0000

I run Emacs 20.7.1 on GNU/Linux Red Hat 7.  I telnet to my linux box from my
Win2k Pro box on home network.  vi/vim/pico, etc all work fine, but (shame,
as I've 'chosen' emacs as edit tool! :-) emacs displays first screen ok, but
displays "[m" on the bottom control line bit (sorry!).  Then when I press
_any_ key (eg C-h) it dumps a load of grey chunks on the screen w/ lots of
"[m".  It continues this behaviour, dumping stuff at various places on the
screen as I press keys, until I get out with a C-x C-c. I write this: if I leave it at the first screen, by the time I'd
written the above para, it automatically does the strange dump as described
without me doing anything (telnet window in background).

Any suggestions before I give up on it?

(I've upgraded to latest emacs rpm on update site, but this --as
you see doesn't help).


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