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Emacs on-line manual --all the answers!

From: Mark Newby
Subject: Emacs on-line manual --all the answers!
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 13:58:45 -0000

I've been asking about auto indentation of new lines recently.  At the same
time, I've been trawling the Web for answers.  I came across the on-line
manual for emacs, which also answers some of the Qs I've seen coming from
others on this list.  I found it on DJ Delorie's site:

btw, the solution to the auto-indent problem was to press C-j instead of RET
and it indents the new line to whatever the current one is.  However, I
think this should be the default behaviour, don't you?

Thanks to those who tried to help.


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