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Re: minibuffer height

From: Bill Benedetto
Subject: Re: minibuffer height
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 12:58:15 -0500

>>> Todd Wells writes:

  Todd> I would like my minibuffer to be 2 lines or better yet, auto-expand as
  Todd> necessary as sometimes I use files with long pathnames that run off the
  Todd> screen and leave me unable to see what emacs is prompting me for.

  Todd> I've tried some of the various related variables, but I haven't had any
  Todd> success ... I've tried the following (they weren't all remmed before):

  Todd> (setq resize-minibuffer-mode 1)
  Todd> (setq resize-minibuffer-frame 2)
  Todd> (setq resize-minibuffer-window-max-height 4)
  Todd> ;(setq resize-minibuffer-window-exactly 2)
  Todd> ;(setq resize-minibuffer-frame-exactly 2)

  Todd> It seems no matter what combination of these I try, I
  Todd> only get one line for my minibuffer and since I regularly
  Todd> use files with really long pathnames, I can't see the
  Todd> prompt.  Ideally, the mini-buffer would just auto-expand
  Todd> from 1 line to however many were necessary (I guess I'm
  Todd> surprised that it doesn't do this by default).

This works for me in my .emacs:

  (resize-minibuffer-mode 1)


- Bill
Bill Benedetto     <>    The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
I don't speak for Goodyear and they don't speak for me.  We're both happy.

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