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Re: Mark a position

From: Chuck Siska
Subject: Re: Mark a position
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 16:41:31 -0800
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alexandre --

use the following:

C-x r j         jump-to-register
C-x r SPC       point-to-register

registers are named by keys (e.g., "a", "A", ":" or "C-;").

good luck.

-- chuck siska

Alexandre Brillant wrote:

Thank you for responses about TAGS.

Another question : Can I save the current position of the cursor and
retreive it later easily ? I mean I need
sometimes to look at a particular part of a document and retrieive
quickly the original position, knowing that
I don't want to open a new buffer.

If I can save in memory a cursor position, is there a way to store
several position with a kind of flag system ?

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