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Strange behaviour of AUCTeX

From: Kalyan Mukherjea
Subject: Strange behaviour of AUCTeX
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 13:29:32 +0530 (IST)

Hello all,
        I use Xemacs and GNUEmacs regularly on Linux (SuSE 6.4 and Red
Hat 6.2 respectively.) On my GNUEmacs everytime I open a file foo.tex
which is input-ed into root.tex for compiling, I am asked for the master
file. Eventually foo.tex has maybe a dozen repeats of
%%%TeX master: root.tex at the end.
        This doesn't happen at home with Xemacs. I  must be doing
something wrong. The AUCTeX related stuff from my .emacs is in snip.el
which I am attaching.
        This is not a serious problem but rather annoying and I am
mystified by the difference in behaviour of the Emacsens.
        Does anyone have any ideas?

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