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Diary and appointments

From: Niranjan Harishchandra Rao
Subject: Diary and appointments
Date: 21 Feb 2001 12:41:07 -0800

I use emacs 20.7.1 on Windows NT

I would like to set the diary in such a way that when emacs shows the
diary entries, it should add the entries for next day(s) if those days
happen to be holidays or week ends . If possible I would also like to
check the holidays from personal list as I would rather not touch
general-holidays variable as it contains some very useful days which
are not holidays - at least for me. More over it does not cover long
week ends where you might get a extra day off which is not in holiday
list. Is it possible to cross check against some other list and show
entries for next day(s) if the entry for the day is found only in this

Conversly there are some things that I want to do after the holidays
if the given date falls on a holiday. I should be able to set emacs in
such a way that I could get reminders for the entry either on last
working day before holiday or next working day after holiday.

Is it possbile to set the reminders to nagging mode. For example I
could set the reminder to fill up the time sheet and emacs should warn
you to fill up the time sheet until some other condition is fulfilled.

Judging from emacs elisp manual, most of this functionality is almost
there. And I had known elisp well, I could probably would have done
it. Is there some other add on package which will do what I want to do.


- Niranjan

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